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Change working environment . Some advices

Hi there,

It’s a long time. I haven’t written at my blog. Maybe, I’m busy. Hic,

Today is three working days in my new company.

Time to change company maybe we have some problems.I changed 3 companies for 2 years and work in more working environment. So maybe, I have experience in this problem. Now I want to share it with you.

My problem calls ” Sock company’s culture”.

As the company I worked before , it calls ” family environment” every people are friendly and we live as family.We together take care all the work but didn’t concentrate on specialist sector.
For example although I worked as Marketing staff but when we had event . I worked as Event staff.Although Event is very fun and I learnt social skills, emergency solutions,… but didn’t time and skill to develop on Marketing as I want.
So I decide to transfer to Marketing company.
Hic, I call it” corporate environment”. I’m nervous on the first day. I saw people didn’t friendly I felt lonely and swum on Marketing knowledge oceans. Terrible.

But today it’s better.

I have some advises for newbie like me :

1, Never panic. Always smile ( just which my old boss advised me) – Absolutely correct.
2, Patience. Just give you time to join new environment.
3, Have a clear plan for training period.
4, Friendly with everybody.
5, Have some close friends who can spend many hours to hear your complaint, your feeling, your problem.
I have written it to advice you and me. Because it’s hard time to me too. So let’s try.

Hope to see more you sharing.

Thanks & Best Regards,