Make friend

I’m Vietnamese. I’m living in Hanoi-the capital of Vietnam
I love traveling around the world especially travelling and studying MBA in United Kingdom – that ‘s my dream in the near future.
I love searching website and reading autobiography books,
I love Apple Cor, Steve Jobs is my idol – a creative and dynamic person.
My slogan : Nothing is impossible.
I create my blog in order to share my thinking and find a friend who has similar dream like me.

2 thoughts on “Make friend

  1. hi my new friend,

    im viet, i living in Viet Tri city but im staying in Tanmai – hoangmai – hn.

    i love my family, my darling, my babies( in the future, of course).

    i has a plain dream, that’s i will bring the happy to my family, my darling, my babies, my friend and me

    My slogan is: Quitter never win, winner never quit

  2. Hi Viet,
    Nice to meet you. I absolutely agree with with slogan. If we want to make dream we never give up it.
    Best wishes for you and your darling and family.

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