Wonderful days in Hoi An and Da Nang City

Amazingly, I have 3 days in Hoi An ancient town and Danang city. In my article, I will give you some tips and advice you some local restaurants which you never forget when you go to Hoi An and Da nang. Hope it can help you.
I have great days in Hoi An and Da Nang City with my company. We have choice Hoi An – Da Nang for our vacation. With tight budget, we have to travel by coach instead of train or air plane. However, it’s very fun. We have games on the beach. It took 14 hours to go to Hoi An.
We have stayed at Hoi An Pacific Hotel – a beautiful hotel. It is a convenient location. You just take 5’ to go Hoi An ancient and 15’ to go Cua Dai beach. You do not need to take many clothes because clothes are very cheap in Hoi An. The shirt or the dress is normally from 4$ to 6$ and it’s beautiful. You can take your own clothes by tailors. Hoi An ancient is beautiful at night with colorful lanterns, especially from 14th – 17th (Lunar calendar). The famous local restaurant is Ba Buoi (rice with chicken). Cua Dai beach is a natural one with long sand beach. It is not crowded as My Khe beach and great with fresh water and services there. Although we have only one day at Hoi An but we discover more famous destination.
After that, we go to Da nang and stay at Little Home but it’s not good like Hoi An Pacific Hotel. We have great day at My Khe beach – one of the best beaches in Vietnam. We organize team –building. It is very fun but it is crowded. For dinner, we stay at Be Man restaurant; the seafood is delicious and I never eat something delicious like this. You do not forget it when you come to Da nang. You can buy the gift and souvenirs at Han market. It’s like Dong Xuan market in Hanoi or Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh city.
We have 1 day at Ba Na hill – the way gone to heaven (1487m). As confirmed by the World Association Cable, Ba Na cable set two Guinness World Records: The cable car in the world a long wire (5042.62 m) and height difference between stations and the largest gas world (1291.81 m). With Fantasy Park, I imagine that I go to Disneyland. Nevertheless, notice that you should take your warm clothes together because it is cool although at the foothills it is hot.
Hope some information can help you when you go to Hoi An and Da nang. You can hire the bike to discover these beautiful destinations.


1000 year Thang Long – Dong Do – Hanoi

Hi there,
Hanoi has been cerebrated 1000th years Thang Long – Hanoi in last October. Now I give you more information to understand Hanoi’s history .
As the capital of Vietnam for almost a thousand years, Hanoi is considered to be the cultural centre of Vietnam, where every dynasty has left behind their imprint. The city boasts more than 1,000 years of history, and that of the past few hundred years has been well preserved. Hanoi has had many names throughout history, all of them of Sino – Vietnamese origin.

866 Hanoi was citadel and was named Dai La
1010 Dai La Citadel became the capital of the country Dai Viet ( the Great Viet, then the name of Vietnam) . Claiming to have seen a dragon ascending the Red River, King Ly Thai To renamed it Thang Long ( Ascending dragon) – a name still used poetically to this day.
1397 The capital was moved to Thang Hoa. Thang Long then became Dong Do ( Eastern Capital).
1408 Vietnam was invaded by Chinese troops fromt he Ming Dynasty and Dong Do was renamed Dong Quan ( Eastern Gateway) by the Chinese.
1428 Vietnam was liberated from Chinese rule by Le Loi the founder of the Le Dynasty and Dong Quan was renamed Dong Kinh ( Eastern Capital)
1802 Nguyen Dynasty was established and then moved the capital down to present-day Hue, it was renamed Thang Long ( Ascending Dragon).
1831 Nguyen Dynasty renamed it Hanoi ( can be translated as between Rivers or River Interior).
1873 Hanoi was occupited by the French and passed to them ten years later.
1888 Hanoi became the capital of French Indochina.
1940 The city was occupied by the Japanese
1945 Hanoi was liberated in 1945, when it briefly became the seat of the Viet Minh government after Ho Chi Minh proclaimed the independence of Vietnam.
1946 The French came back and reoccupied the city
1954 After nine years of fighting between the French and Viet Minh forces, Hanoi became the capital of an independent North Vietnam.
During the Vietnam War, Hanoi’s transportation facilities were disrupted by the bombing of bridges and railways, which were, however, promptly repaired. Following the end of the war, Hanoi became the capital of Vietnam when North and South Vietnam were reunited on July 2, 1976.

Impressive Hanoi Museum

Toward 1000th anniversary Thang Long – Hanoi, many marvelous architectural works were built to enhance our Hanoi – the heart of Vietnam, such as: Inaugurated Peaceful Park, Hanoi Museum, ceramic road,… However, Hanoi Museum which impressed me the most has not only the unique architecture but also the great historical value.
In opening day ( 6 October, 2010), there were thousands of people waiting for visiting Hanoi Museum that is the biggest museum in Vietnam with reverse pyramid shape; total square is 54.000 m2, height 30 m, including 4 floors and 2 basements.
With 50.000 artifacts from Ly, Tran, Le, Nguyen dynastic to now, visitors can live with the long history of Hanoi. Outstanding of lobby, there is the letter in bronze picture which will be opened after 100 years.

In its courtyard, organized the landscaped exhibitions with various kinds, we walked around and took breathtaking pictures.
I spent 4 hours in there but not enough to understand their value. I am so proud of Hanoi’s history. When recommending museums in Hanoi, some famous names are listed so now I think you have a new choice: Hanoi Museum.
Let’s see all my breathtaking picture in Hanoi Museum

Dai Lai Lake & Bat Cave Report

Hi there,
Where did you go on Southern liberation Day and International Labor Day?
I & my friend groups ( 13 people) decided to travel Dai Lai Lake & Bat Cave. It took about 2h ( by motorbike) about 50 km.
We started at 8AM and prepared a lot of foods & drink. So we felt highly enthusiastic.
Firstly, we went to Dai Lai Lake, it’s a big Lake, beautiful but artificial.
I haven’t been to Nha Trang but I think it’s “small Nha Trang” with a lot of island ( in fact, we can swim across) but we use boat to travel around islands. ( I saw a lot of Nha Trang’s pictures).

My friends group on the boat

There are a lot of artificial scenery such as : Bamboo forest, art objects so we had a lot of breathtaking pictures.

Ha beside tea - set

We can swim there, I met a lot of family with their children swam
I took a picture with lovely child.

The water seem very clear and cold

About 1PM we started to departure to Bat Cave ( from 6km ). I imaged there had a huge cave – where bat lived. But in fact it was opposition. But It’s very beautiful and imposing scene.
It has a lot of huge stones side by side , with huge scenery I felt I’m small.

artificial scenery in Dai Lai Lake

the Natural Scenery in Bat Cave

so If we want to climb Bat Cave we must to conquer it. It was not easy. Because when we reached Bat Cave my groups only have 7 members (7members gave up in different ways). I’m very happy when other said “Bat Cave near here) but when I had seen it I was really hopeless. Because it was very small. We tried to go down there but don’t go on (about 100m). So we couldn’t see any bat or any bat’s traces. So we decided to go up the mountain by the wooden ladder.

wooden ladder to go the peak

And we didn’t regret when we stayed in peak (just remain 3 members). It was breathtaking scenery and I were feeling I have conquered everything ( I loved this feeling)
After that, we had a big party in a local restaurant and enjoyed specially food made by Buffalo such as Buffalo Fried, Bufalo hot- pot,… .
I loved this journey and thanks a lot everyone .Especially, Ms. Ha – my closest friend. I knew she is very tired with the life but I believe she will be successful so let’s try your best. I always near by you.
Van Cao

Five places to relax in London

London is a lively, exciting and bustling city. Most of the time this is a wonderful thing but there are times when we all want nothing more than to escape from the hustle and bustle.

Here are five places that are great escapes when you need to take a moment to get your head together.

1. Greenwich Park: An oasis on the outskirts of the city. The park features impressive views towards the National Maritime Museum and breath taking views across the River Thames. In addition a bit of peace and quiet the park is also home to the Royal Observatory. The Royal Observatory is the home of the Prime Meridian and GMT, otherwise known as Greenwich Mean Time. A must for any family as the children will be sure to study about this building in school.
Greenwich Park

2. St James’s Park: Perhaps there is no greater place to experience the major contrast between the city and the calmness of a park. St James’s Park & The Green Park lying to the East of Buckingham Palace and you would be hard pressed to remember that the busy roads are but a few feet away. The park, which was acquired by King Henry VIII at the same time as Hyde Park, has a special feeling due to being set against the backdrop of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and overlooking the River Thames.

St James's Park

3. Brompton Cemetery: The Brompton Cemetery opened in 1837 and since then about 200,000 people have been buried within the cemetery. Included in those numbers a famous people and war heroes and the normal soldiers of many wars. Until 1997 it was also the resting place of Native American Sioux Indian Chief, Long Wolf, who died in London in 1892 while on tour with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. In 1997 his body was returned to South Dakota. Amongst the more modern famous inhabitants are race car pioneer Percy Lambert, singer and operetta composer Richard Tauber and suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst. [In my opinion, I’ve never been there because I’m afraid ghost and don’t want to visit cemetery. I think I’m nervous not relax when I go there. Hi)

Brompton Cemetery

4. St Martin-in-the-Fields: Located in the heart of the chaos that is Trafalgar Square, St Martin-in-the-Fields is one of London’s most loved churches. The church strives to have an open door policy that not only allows it to be sanctuary of faith but also from the hectic world outside.The choice of what to do once inside. Options range from a meal in the crypt restaurant, an evening classical music concert, browsing through the art gallery or simply sitting in peace.
St Martin Church

5. Somerset House: The main feature of this beautiful building has to be its courtyard. Travelers of all ages will find it a pleasure to spend some time in its confines. During the summer months the main features of the courtyard are the orchestrated water jets the shoot up from granite flagstones. In the evenings the fountains as illuminated to create an even more beautiful setting. In the winter months the fountains are replaced by an outdoor ice skating rink which has quickly become a London favourite. Also, over the past few summers there have been open air concerts held where the skating rink is in the winter. Some big acts have played in the small and unique venue making for some special shows.
Somerset House