Let’s come and see all my lovely pets

Hi there,

As you may know, I love animals especially dog and cat. I have a wonderful cat his name is Tieu Ho ( I introduced him before). And today I’m happy to show you my collect pets.
Let’s see and hope you can join it and share with us your lovely pets.

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Thanks so much


My lovely “Tieu Ho”

Hi there,

I have a lovely cat his name is Tieu Ho. I love him very much. He always sleep in my bed, hug my bear. When I came back from all day tired, he make me fun and happy. When I called him he always appears immaterially. When I was ill he sleep with me all day. I’m so sad when he lost. But have a lot of his picture now I want to share them with you. Hope you have a pet like him.

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My lovely animal’s album

Hi there.
As I promised, Now I’m uploading my lovely animal’s album for you.
I’ve got a lot of animals especially dogs and cats
Dogs : Honey, Blush, Misa, Smoothly
Cats : Tieu Ho ( small tiger) and HoKaka
I love them. When I felt boring, tired I were playing with them. They gave me fresh energy to struggle the life. They really become a best friends.

Pets – the close friends

Hi there,
I have a dog and a cat. They really became my close friends. My dog names Smoothly (she’s lazy and very soft like the blanket) and My cat names “Tieu Ho” (small tiger) because he looks like tiger- very lovely).
They play all day. When I saw they played I felt happy and cheery.
I love them.
I can share you their pictures and video later. So you can see they’re really lovely.