Wonderful days in Hoi An and Da Nang City

Amazingly, I have 3 days in Hoi An ancient town and Danang city. In my article, I will give you some tips and advice you some local restaurants which you never forget when you go to Hoi An and Da nang. Hope it can help you.
I have great days in Hoi An and Da Nang City with my company. We have choice Hoi An – Da Nang for our vacation. With tight budget, we have to travel by coach instead of train or air plane. However, it’s very fun. We have games on the beach. It took 14 hours to go to Hoi An.
We have stayed at Hoi An Pacific Hotel – a beautiful hotel. It is a convenient location. You just take 5’ to go Hoi An ancient and 15’ to go Cua Dai beach. You do not need to take many clothes because clothes are very cheap in Hoi An. The shirt or the dress is normally from 4$ to 6$ and it’s beautiful. You can take your own clothes by tailors. Hoi An ancient is beautiful at night with colorful lanterns, especially from 14th – 17th (Lunar calendar). The famous local restaurant is Ba Buoi (rice with chicken). Cua Dai beach is a natural one with long sand beach. It is not crowded as My Khe beach and great with fresh water and services there. Although we have only one day at Hoi An but we discover more famous destination.
After that, we go to Da nang and stay at Little Home but it’s not good like Hoi An Pacific Hotel. We have great day at My Khe beach – one of the best beaches in Vietnam. We organize team –building. It is very fun but it is crowded. For dinner, we stay at Be Man restaurant; the seafood is delicious and I never eat something delicious like this. You do not forget it when you come to Da nang. You can buy the gift and souvenirs at Han market. It’s like Dong Xuan market in Hanoi or Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh city.
We have 1 day at Ba Na hill – the way gone to heaven (1487m). As confirmed by the World Association Cable, Ba Na cable set two Guinness World Records: The cable car in the world a long wire (5042.62 m) and height difference between stations and the largest gas world (1291.81 m). With Fantasy Park, I imagine that I go to Disneyland. Nevertheless, notice that you should take your warm clothes together because it is cool although at the foothills it is hot.
Hope some information can help you when you go to Hoi An and Da nang. You can hire the bike to discover these beautiful destinations.


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