Support for International students in UK

‘Support is always available when you study in the UK. If you are having trouble getting used to the UK education system or you need some help with your UK course or degree – you only have to ask. Counsellors and academic staff at your place of study will be happy to help. ‘

support for International in the UK

support for International in the UK

UK undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses
Many UK universities and colleges have specialist international advisers to support you throughout your UK education. They provide advice and information on almost anything; from accommodation through to extending your permission to stay in the UK.

You can also take part in an orientation or induction programme organised by your UK institution. These last from a couple of days to a week and usually include:
A tour of the campus
An overview of the facilities and how to use them
Explanations of the institution’s rules
Help with registering for your UK course
An outline of teaching methods
Discussion of important aspects of life in the UK
Social events where you can meet staff and other students.
English language courses in the UK

If you study a UK English language course, most schools offer a student welfare service to help you. You can get advice on accommodation, UK visas and legal requirements before you even reach the UK. On arrival, your school will also provide a meet-and-greet service and transportation.

Support continues throughout your UK course. In the unlikely event that you will need it, most schools have an emergency telephone number that you can ring 24 hours a day. English language schools also make sure that students under the age of 16 are closely supervised.

UK independent schools

When you study at a UK independent school you will be well looked after. Before you travel to the UK they will ensure you have a guardian here who is responsible for you.

Your care at a UK independent school is usually the joint responsibility of academic staff and qualified ‘house parents’. Most schools allocate pupils to individual mentors, who take a personal interest in your welfare. Many schools have a matron and provide access to a school doctor.

Career-based courses in the UK

Your career-based course is likely to be based at a UK college of further education. Most colleges make welfare arrangements and have dedicated international student advisers. Their job is to work with you to understand your needs and appreciate your different culture.

Many UK further education colleges will also offer an induction or welcome programme for you. These include trips and cultural events – and are a good way to get to know the local area and other students.

Student services departments and the students’ union are there to help, should any problems arise. You can also talk to your tutor; all students are assigned a personal tutor who will monitor your academic progress and help with any problems


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