International Student Award 2010

‘The International Student Awards are different from any other student competition. They don’t just focus on academic achievement, but celebrate the whole international student experience. ‘

International student of the year – Melissa Ilboudo

The British Council has named Melissa Ilboudo from Burkina Faso as its International Student of the Year. 24-year-old Melissa – who is studying International Development at the University of East Anglia – was one of 12 regional finalists selected out of 1,300 students from 121 different countries who entered this year’s
International Student Awards competition.

The International Student Awards 2010 is an exciting competition that celebrates the achievements of international students and their contributions to life in the UK. To enter, students from around the world were asked to write a letter home explaining how they were making the most of their time in the UK. The focus was on life outside their studies; volunteer work, projects within the local community or any personal development since arriving in the UK.

Melissa’s letter home describing her experiences of living and studying in the UK was judged to be the best and the most inspiring by a panel made up of representatives from the British Council, the National Union of Students, the UK Council for International Student Affairs, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, and The Times Higher Education magazine.

Previous International Student Awards
The International Student Awards has produced many thousands of inspiring stories. Since the competition was first launched in 2002 more than 11,500 international students representing over 130 different nationalities have entered the competition and shared their experiences.

In 2009 there were 1497 entries from 118 different nationalities, representing 289 UK institutions. Although many of those entering where ‘typical’ student age; late teens or early twenties, there was a true mix of ages – the youngest entrant was 15 and the oldest was 58.

The largest number of entrants came from China, India, USA, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Bangladesh with Malaysia, Hong Kong and Germany not far behind. It’s a truly global list of international students with representatives from Burkina Faso, Suriname, Armenia and Macao.

Shine! 2009 winners

Since the 2009 Shine awards there has been a lot of interest in the 12 winning students. You can find out more at the following websites:
BBC China
The Times of India
Oxford University
Cardiff University’s Flickr
Protocolo Lifestyle and Foreign Affairs
Wales Online
Cannon Collins Trust
If you have any questions about the International Student Award 2010 please email the Shine team at Shine team –

If you want to listen her speech when she took this award you can see in


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