How to make the precious keywords?

The keywords and key phrases can help you understand exactly what type of audience and how to reach them. But what kind of keywords or keyphrases which you should use?

Here types of keyword:
Type 1: Using general keywords that describe your niche. They are a short word ( 1-2 words long). For example: Online marketing, Article Marketing,…
There are a lot of people who searching for these types of keyword looking for basic information and also a lot of authors writing content about these keyword.

How do you think you can compete with huge competitors? And do think whether they are your potential audiences?

Type 2: Using a group of keyphrases. These keyphrases are usually about 2-4 words long. For example: Online Marketing strategy, Online Marketing plan,…
There are less people who searching for the more complex keyphrases looking for more specific information and less authors writing content for the keyphrases.

Type 3: Using the most specific and complex keyphrases which may be about 4-6 words long. For example: Online Marketing for modern economy,…
Even less people who are searching for these keyphrases looking for very specific information. And there are few other authors writing on each subject.
Type 3 is where your expertise comes in the most handy. It’s where the most detailed articles come from and where you’ll be able to accurately target the types of people looking for your content.

When I wrote article I try to create precious keyphrases to make the different article to increase SEO for my websites.


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