Impressive Hanoi Museum

Toward 1000th anniversary Thang Long – Hanoi, many marvelous architectural works were built to enhance our Hanoi – the heart of Vietnam, such as: Inaugurated Peaceful Park, Hanoi Museum, ceramic road,… However, Hanoi Museum which impressed me the most has not only the unique architecture but also the great historical value.
In opening day ( 6 October, 2010), there were thousands of people waiting for visiting Hanoi Museum that is the biggest museum in Vietnam with reverse pyramid shape; total square is 54.000 m2, height 30 m, including 4 floors and 2 basements.
With 50.000 artifacts from Ly, Tran, Le, Nguyen dynastic to now, visitors can live with the long history of Hanoi. Outstanding of lobby, there is the letter in bronze picture which will be opened after 100 years.

In its courtyard, organized the landscaped exhibitions with various kinds, we walked around and took breathtaking pictures.
I spent 4 hours in there but not enough to understand their value. I am so proud of Hanoi’s history. When recommending museums in Hanoi, some famous names are listed so now I think you have a new choice: Hanoi Museum.
Let’s see all my breathtaking picture in Hanoi Museum


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