What’s the most importance for job seekers

Hi there,
I’m a person who want to aim/get great success in job. I changed my jobs quickly. When I graduated from my university, I have changed 3 jobs for 1 year. And now I’m still looking for my dreaming jobs. Sometimes, I have asked myself whether those decisions were right or not? I changed the jobs because they did not give me the motivation to work . For example: The job was created few challenges, bad working environment,low salary,…
Because of all my situations, I must choose between the working environment and the salary. But when I reached the company (before I thought it’s my dreaming company) and worked there, the thing which I exchanged is still my problem. Now, I’m trying to keep me on patient and show my best ability on job. But I’m finding another company. I don’t find my position in life. The world is very large but it’s only a position for each person.
I love the Steve Jobs quote “ You’ve got to find what you love, if you don’t find it, keep looking, don’t settle “
And I think Life is not simple existence. So I’m still finding my position among huge world. Do you have a problem like me?


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