Top 3 Email Marketing (Best) Practices

If you’re not doing the email marketing best practices (I’m going to list it in this article) then you’re leaving a bunch of money on the table. It took me 12 months to test, tweak and learn the BEST email marketing techniques, and I’m going to share the top 3 email marketing tactics with you below.

Let’s start, shall we?

1: A Reliable Autoresponder First and Foremost

Never have a self host autoresponder unless you know what you’re doing. Why? Because most ISP black list a wide range of IP addresses, so yours might be black listed without you knowing it. (And when it’s black listed, your emails won’t reach your customer. Period. Game over)

That’s why it’s wise to pay a 3rd party autoresponder that has a high delivery rate (you should aim for 99 percent or so) even if there is a monthly fee – because it’s worth the money.

2: Write Compelling Subject Lines

You can write a world class promotion email but if your subject line flops, your mail is going to be unread – or worst, in the virtual “trash can”. You want a subject line that benefits the reader and spark curiosity. For example, a subject line “The Shortcut To Building A Massive Mailing List” is better then “email marketing tips, open up”

3: Learn How To Craft A Compelling Email

For example, say you’re promoting a beauty product service for a commission. You want to give the top 4 tips for a healthy skin, then plug in your beauty product in the email. Something like, “The quickest and easiest way for softer skin is using XZY Product if you’re tired of doing it the traditional way”.

Always write an email that is informative and helps the reader before promoting your product – because you don’t want to come off as a relentless salesman. If you do, people will unsubscribe faster from your list then you can say “Hello?”

Email marketing is probably the easiest – and most profitable – way to make money.
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