The bank raid

Dave and Sid had lost a lot of money and had given up all hope of making any money. They just couldn’t think of any way of getting some money to pay all things they wanted.

Then suddenly Sid thought of a plan in which they could get hold of money very quickly and very easily. Dave believed the plan was too dangerous and at first he said he didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

They didn’t talk about the plan for a whole week and they still had no money and also no chance to getting any. Then Dave asked Sid to tell him how in fact he was proposing to rob a bank because that was Sid’s first idea. Sid explained step by step how they would get the money and told him when it would be and at what time. Sid told Dave not to worry about the gun because it wasn’t a real one and nobody would be hurt.

The night before neither could sleep at all because they kept on thinking that something would go wrong.

The day arrived and they made their way to the bank but there was something that they had forgotten – It was a public holiday and the bank was closed.


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