How to write an effective essay

As with any type of writing, select a subject that interests you. Do some free writing or clustering about your subject to find a focus, an angle, or a slant that you think might make it more interesting for your reader. Continue other pre writing activities, until you have gathered enough information to get you started. The suggestions below may also help.

Essay Writing

Essay Writing

1. Observe: Observe the object closely to determine how it works. Also notice how other people use this object and how they feel about it.

2. Investigate: Ask other people about their experiences, attitudes, and feelings about this object. Read about it.

3. Define: What class or category does this object fall into? How is this object similar to or different from other objects in this same category?

4. Describe: Describe the colour, size, shape, and texture of our subject(but don”t over do it). Describe the important parts and how they fit together. ( Remember: Showing is better than telling.) Surround your object with eople, action, and places so that the reader can get a true picture of your subject and its importance.

5. Recall: Try to remember an interesting incident or story involving this object that will help the reader better understand your subject.

6. Compare : What other objects is your subject most like, least like, not at all like? What person ( or type of person) does it remind you of? What season? What foreign country?

7. Analyse: Try to find out when this object was discovered, built, first used, etc. What are its strengths and weaknesses? What changes would you make in it if you were able?

8. Evaluate : Why is this object important? Does it have any practical, aesthetic9artistic) or historical value?

Once you have gathered enough detail, begin writing. Think of an unusual way to approach your subject. How about a news report, fairy tale, parody, TV drama, rap poem…? You can always go back to a more traditional form if your new approach doesn’t work out.


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