How to make your newsletter effective

Hi there,
I love internet and computer. They are changed my thinking and my life. I graduate from Commercial University. I haven’t thought I work as Online Marketing. But when I knew it, I loved it and now that become my work.
Today, I want to discuss about newsletter . Almost websites are using newsletter not only promote their website (increasing more traffic )but also sell own products & service (sometime their affiliation) , but how to make your newsletter effective ? How to make your differences.

When you wrote your newsletter, you should attend to/look care to 3 major factors:

Firstly and most importance is your content. We have said “Content is king.” Your content must be exciting & useful to attract subscribers. You can find your idea from:

+ Asking your reader, handling their problem. It’s very effective but you need more time for doing this.
For example: You can write a newsletter to deal with how to buy a good online product on eBay, some tips on traveling Vietnam
+ Joining the related forum and blog which you can get professional advice for free. And this is a great way for you to get bright ideas for your newsletter content.
+ On the other hand, you should join their affiliated programs. You can make a lot of money (by getting a commission) when your readers buy products involved in these programs.

Secondly, you should have large & potential customers’ lists.

You can get their e-mail’s address from:

+ The existing clients
+ The visitors who visit your website.
+ The readers who want to receive your email every week.
+ The member of your forum or blog.

Thirdly, you should decide the newsletter format. It’s depending on your purpose and your ability (your time and your technical skills)

+ If you want to publish newsletters about a topic including pictures and graphics (for example: your promotion, your advertising,..), HTML format is your best option.

The advantages:

– HTML format is more and more popular, more professional than plain text and easier to create than PDF.

The disadvantages:

– It can be the compatibility factor. Some newsletter designs will not always look the same to other people on different computers and email clients. So you need to test it on several different browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome,… and email systems (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hot Mail,…), or use a tested and proven ready-made template, and then change any part of it that you like.

– Besides, if you have HTML code, you can do this by yourself. If not, you must use professional test.

+ If the content of your newsletter is the most important to you and your subscribers and you don’t want to spend too much time on formatting your every issue as HTML or PDF, plain text format will be your best.

The advantages:

– Plain Text format is very easy and fast to create.
– Plain Text Format is less likely to be marked as spam, rather than HTML emails. So your newsletter is more likely to get in the hands of your subscribers.

But its format has a lot of disadvantage

-Your website/ Author is famous expert on your topics. So your content is also what reader wants to target to.
– Its format is less professional looking and has a simpler look.

+ If your newsletter includes a lot of graphics and has a trendy look (such as: Foods and recipes), the format of PDF is the best choices.

The advantages:

– PDF format can show with high quality pictures designed in any sectors. So you are free to design.

The disadvantages:

– PDF newsletters are more difficult to create because you need to write and format each issue in Microsoft Word, and then covert it into PDF with a special program.

– To read PDF newsletters, your subscribers have to download them. That’s an extra step, which will be too much hassle for some people.


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