Special teacher of my life

Hi there,
Now I want to tell you my first story about my impressive teacher.
I graduated from my university for one year ( 7/2009). Each period time of our life, we had met a lot of people and gained a lot of experience.
The time of schools is wonderful. The school is not only given basic knowledge but also a lot of greater things.
With me, that was the opportunity to meet the people who changed my thinking, motivated me when I bored and tired, gave me great lessons. The impressive teacher was Mr. Son in my university. He taught me in the second year student for Macro – economics. He’s even studied aboard so he had a modern teaching method. I loved it.

Although, we had a short time to learn and work together but he gave me a lot of lessons
Lesson 1: Study must to go along with practice
Lesson 2: Have a further vision for my life
Lesson 3: Have a goal life and try your best
Lesson 4: Secret of learning English

My teacher and Me

My teacher and I in my university's yard

Now I want to share you his secrets of learning English
Secret number 1 : Never be shy
If you try to talk, to write you have mistakes but you’ll improve. If you don’t try then you’ll stay still. My English level is low but I haven’t been shy to write my blog by English.
Secret number 2: Learning everyday, never stop
English is not something you learn quickly. Well, there are some people who can learn faster than others. But still, it takes time for them to be really good.
Secret number 3: You need to motivate yourself, not to be sad or tired.
Try hard to learn but at the same time you have to be very relaxed. You can take your English lessons as games as entertainments ( music, movie,…) and feel very relaxed.
Secret number 4: You have to take care of even very small details. Otherwise, you will always have mistakes.

Besides, for my learning English way, I have realized some tips
Firstly, English is wide field so it’s better if you determine your goal of studying English. For example : You want to learning English to find a good jobs you should learn TOEIC,..
Secondly, Join English forum and club to make friend and have opportunity to improve English.
I’ve joined a lot English forum and club to practice & improve my English. I met and made friend with Ms. Ha – an expert English. She helped me a lot to correct my mistakes. And had a lot of people who helped me
Though this story , I want to say “ Thank you” with everybody specially Mr. Son – you are always special teacher in my life. I love you and hope you’re always success and happiness.


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