5 Article Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Credibility

Some people write articles to increase their credibility. Others write articles to increase the number of website visitors they are getting. In this article we want to give you five strategies that will help increase your credibility and ultimately get you more traffic to your website and blog.

Article Marketing

1. Use an article submission service to get your articles into more directories. The more directories you are in the more potential traffic your articles can bring it to you.

You certainly want to be in the most popular article directories based on the traffic they get every day. However there are benefits to having your articles in other directories as well. One thing search engines are looking at is backlinks as a way to rank websites and articles can give you a high number of back links.

2. Create unique versions of your articles and submit them to your blog. Then use a submission services such as Only Wire to bookmark your articles into numerous social directories.

Doing this will help increase the number of readers coming to your blog. The blog articles can serve as search engine bait giving you more backlinks and getting websites to spider your blog more often.

3. Offer your articles as content to ezine publishers. This is one thing that can really pay off for you if you develop a list of ezines that publish content relative to the theme of the articles you write. Ezine publishers are often struggling for article ideas and you can help them out.

Getting your articles published in email newsletters that have a high number of readers can lead to tremendous amount traffic for your website. It can also help establish you as the expert in the niche your articles are written about.

4. Create viral marketing by creating eBooks from your articles and giving them away for free. Allow people to give them away for free as well.

This strategy has been working now for several years now. Creating an eBook from your existing articles is a fast way to write one yourself. Be sure to include a link to your website in your eBook so people can find you.

5. Think in terms of volume when it comes to article marketing. Many Internet marketers spend too much time trying to write the perfect article.

The amount of time you spend writing the perfect article could be used to create two or three more articles. Over the course of the year you could write hundreds of more articles that would give you potential traffic as you are submitting them to the top article directories.

These are four article marketing strategies that will help you increase your credibility and ultimately get more website visitors.
(Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kenji_Brian_Sakamoto)


One thought on “5 Article Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Credibility

  1. Writing articles is a great way to get exposure and get your name branded. This is also a great way to build a list which we all know by now is very important. Also putting together PLR articles to make an E-Book is a great way for exposure also. Thanks for the tip on not hsving to write a perfect article. I know I myself get caught up in trying to write the perfect article and so do many others.


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