Using Social Bookmarking To Promote Your Website Or Blog

If you want to promote your web site or blog, you can use a social bookmarking site. This has become one of the best promotion tools, and this type of site has useful features that you can use to improve your optimization for search engines.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking lets you share, research, store and organize bookmarks of web pages you like. This lets you add your favorite bookmarks by logging in from any computer. Instead of using a browser-based system of folders as with personal computer bookmarks, you use personalized tags. Bookmarking sites measure how popular a given web site is as compared to other sites submitted to a particular system. Therefore, you can see and visit favorites submitted by others. It is also a lot easier to learn new things with social bookmarking sites than by traditional means. This is because everything that occurs on these sites has been someone’s favorite and each person has already done the work of finding their particular favorites, so you just have to look at what they have done. Common bookmarking sites include Spurl, Reddit, Blinklist, Technorati, Furl, and Digg.

Why is it important to be socially bookmarked?

One of the reasons it can be important to be socially bookmarked is that it makes it much easier for you to share your favorite web sites with friends, family, people you work with, or anyone you might want to. It can be especially important if a particular group collects and shares bookmarks useful to that group. For example, if you want to plan a vacation a moment with friends, everyone could collect bookmarks of their favorite places to go and then the group at large can review what everyone else has found. Or if you create a wish list on a social bookmarking site, you can get word out to people you want to inform that you want a particular type of gift, or that you have a particular favorite DVD, for example. This can make it easy for people to buy gifts for you at birthdays or Christmas time. No matter what you use bookmarking for, it can save a lot of valuable time and effort among friends, family and coworkers.

Social bookmarking: Good for search engine optimization

You might not know that social bookmarking is also good for search engine optimization, because if your web site is on a particular web site’s front page, this will automatically increase your traffic. This, in turn, increases the number of inbound links to your site, which automatically makes you popular and thus increases your page rank. Because your site is popular and has link popularity, and because of its high traffic, social bookmarking web sites use this method as a viral marketing campaign to their advantage. This means that you win in more ways than one.

In short, social bookmarking can significantly increase both your traffic and your potential sales. Remember that to be successful, your content has to be a valuable resource and must be worthy of bookmarking and of visiting frequently.
Social bookmarking really is a great way to get your sites indexed fast.
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