11 tips on how to increase your website traffic!

You built a website and now considering how to increase your website traffic , how to use Online Marketing tools to place your website at higher rank . Here are 11 tips on how to increase your website traffic:

1.Advertise your website through Email marketing campaigns and Traffic campaigns!

2.Using signature on forums,emails.

3.You can use newspaper ad to direct visitors to our site.

4.Try to make a card with your website,and give it to your friends,leave it in car or train .

5.Post articles frequently on popular article sites such as ezine ,go articles etc. Articles Marketing is free but it’s strong tool to attract potential customers.

6.Post free inexpensive classified ads.

7.Join popular seo forums like this one and make frequent contribution with your website link as signature.

8.Try to find a blog that suites your website content,and make feedback to that blog also remember that feedback should be genuine,so that it cannot be recognized as a spam,include your website link there.

9.Submit your link to directories.

10.Write an ebook about your subject of website.
11. Create own your blog and several sub websites to promote major website. Where your customer can feedback your services & goods.


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