Get More Web Site Traffic With 7 Simple Tips

Generating web site traffic is a crucial part of running a successful website. Without traffic, a website just can’t sustain itself and it will quickly crumble in on itself. This is why every webmaster is constantly looking for ways to generate more web traffic.

Website Traffic

1. Sign up for as many niche forums as possible and start making useful posts; obviously, the closer to your niche the better. Niche forums are a great place to find targeted prospects for your mailing list, or to just get more targeted visitors. Always attach an eye catching signature to every o ne of your posts. Build up your reputation and your trust level with the members and you won’t have any trouble generating traffic.

2. Offer to be a content provider for a newsletter publisher. Find some newsletter publishers that focus o n the same niche as you and tell them that you will write content for them in exchange for advertising benefits. If your content is really impressive, not o nly will receive great traffic benefits, but you may even be paid as well.

3. Write articles and submit them to directories. Article marketing is a great way to get more web site traffic because all you have to do is write about a topic you love or are very passionate about. Throw in some lucrative keywords, slap a keyword rich title o nto the article, and then ship it out to directories all across the net. Within weeks, that bad boy should be generating hundreds of free traffic hits.

4. Get involved with some pay-per-click campaigns and see what develops. PPC advertising can be very effective, especially when you know your target audience, what keywords are highly searched, and have a great way to monetize that PPC traffic. It’s doesn’t take a lot of money to get involved with PPC advertising, maybe $50-$100 a month; which is the lower end of the spectrum. But, if your fortunate enough, you may be able to turn that $50-100 into $300-$500 a month.

5. Create a newsletter for your website. A newsletter is great for getting repeat visitors to your website, as it practically forces subscribers to visit your site. Even if the newsletter is completely Email based, you can still get your readers to take a look at a product or visit an adsense filled webpage with ease. Plus, they have already signed up to receive emails from you, so you can send them all the offers and product recommendations that you want.

6. Update your website, or blog, as much as possible with fresh content. Search engines love websites that are updated frequently; so updating your website 2-3 times a week will put you in good standings with Google and all the other search engines. Make it a habit to sit down and write 3-5 articles at the beginning of every week. Then, use o ne article every 2 days to update your site. Piece of cake, right?

7. Practice better SEO habits. Search engine optimization should be o ne of your primary techniques, or at least o ne of your top 5. Do some keyword research and find the best keywords possible for your niche; high search volume, low competition. When you have those keywords, put them in your page titles, use them in anchor text, put them in your meta tags, and basically place them wherever they will look natural. But, if you over do it, you may be penalized.

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(Source: biz-whiz)


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