What’s a success?

Key of success

Do you dream of being the CEO of a Fortune 500 company? And the Fortune 500 Company is your own? Have you wanted to buy that new home you’ve dreamed of for so many years? Exactly what is your idea of success? Success is having achieved that which you determine you will do.

If you have not decided what you will do and what your life will be then someone will decide for you. It is up to you to determine what your success will be. It is not dependent upon materialistic measurements and it cannot be based on any judgment other than your own.

Success may be something material, such as money or a new home. It could be something egotistical, as the power and notoriety that comes with the position of CEO. It could be emotional, as finding love and commitment. Success may even be unselfish and altruistic, as seeing children in third world countries healthy and safe. Success has no particular name or identity. There is no one method to describe what success is, other than the definition above. It means something different to each individual.

All successful people, however, have one thing in common – they act and for some, success is the journey. The journey in the end is the most important part of all. The journey is what you do when you move, grow, and build your self and your business. How you execute the journey can be hard or easy. A key to making the journey a success is to change your mind then change your life. If success is mandatory in your life then you owe it to yourself to follow a systematic process

Think about it what makes the building of a building so successful. It is that they follow a blueprint. The people who build the people are not necessarily schooled in construction or architecture of a building. Usually the brick layer knows how to lay bricks and the electrician puts the wires in the wall and the glass maker fills in the holes in the wall. Individually they are all great, but none of them are builders of buildings by themselves. The fact their is a project team that has always been at the beginning of any major success in life and that is the lesson we should be aware of when we embark on our journey of success. This has been true for the 7 wonders of the world and is still true today.

So don’t you put the burden of your success on yourself and try to do it all. So think about it, because when you change your mind it will force a change of life. Follow someone who has changed their life, think like them but be you. Follow their path but make it your own..


One thought on “What’s a success?

  1. Hi there,
    How do you think about article? What is key of success?
    I absolutely agree with concept of success : Success is having achieved that which you determine you will do.
    I want to talk my opinion about the key of success:
    The most important , you need to find what you love and have a dream. When you love the work you can work by developing yourself rather than money or mission.

    So you need a long – term strategy to build your dream. Of course, short -term is important , you need have to short – term plans but the long-term strategy is firm. Sometimes you need to change your short-term. Always thinking “Change your mind, your life will follow, you determiner your life that’s it is success or failure”

    The third, I think you should have a idol – who you really want to become. Follow his path and create your own.
    Just my opinions. Hope to see your opinions.

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