Types of Online Marketing

Online marketing your business can result in millions of visitors to your website. It captures the attention of visitors and converts them into customers. The rules of marketing have changed. Today, businesses must be competitive in reaching a new breed of online consumers.
Online Marketing
Online Marketing is not just an easy way to advertise products and services but it’s also a very powerful way of reaching millions of consumers and converting ripe opportunities. It’s your ladder to success.

Types of Online Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC). Pay per click marketing targets a specific audience and reaches up to 85% of all internet users every month in a cost effective and immediate way. There can be as much as a £20 return on investment for each £1 spent.

Yahoo! Sponsored Search and Google Ad Words are the two dominate PPC marketing media. You will show your products and services to millions of viewers and active shoppers using their massive reach.
PPC marketing efforts are based on keywords you think people interested in your product are using to search the internet. When someone types in your keyword, your advertising will almost always appear on the first page of the search results and it will be prominently displayed, making it easy for the visitor to follow the link to you website.
With PPC marketing, you don’t pay every time your ad is displayed. Rather you only pay when someone clicks on the link to your website. And often this can be for 5p or less per click. PPC marketing can be very profitable

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your web content can be written with appropriate keywords, phrases, body text, headings and metatags. SEO marketing helps in placing your website at higher ranks in search engines. SEO marketing also keeps visitors at your site and promotes buying behavior. And best of all, once the SEO marketing is in place it costs nothing to appear on page one of search results over and over and over again.

Content Advertising. Content campaigns display ads on the webpages of other site owners who participate in a search engine’s ad serving program. Both Google and Yahoo offer content marketing programs. This type of marketing places your advertisement on the websites of others with content that your customers are interested in.

It’s a powerful marketing tool since the incoming visitors already have an interest in your products or services.

Yahoo Paid Inclusion. Paid inclusion is a marketing program that allows site owners to submit individual pages to a search engine for inclusion in its index. Web pages submitted to the engines in this manner are typically mixed into the organic search results.

Advertisers pay a fixed cost per click for the service, based on their site’s subject matter.
Unlike PPC, paid inclusion programs do not guarantee that submitted pages will appear for a desired keyword. Instead, site owners are simply paying to guarantee that their pages will be included and regularly updated in the engines’ index.

Video Marketing. Today, the average attention span of a web user today is measured in seconds. Once delivered to you on a red carpet by a major search engine search or by a recommendation link on a review blog, the new web visitor exerts very little effort and time to see whether she can make sense of what you are selling or proposing.

Only if your marketing can engage her interest right away and offer a fast, highly visual way to let her discover what your “message” is, will you capture the attention of a paying customer.
More and more websites are using video marketing techniques to reach out to consumers. They develop an entertaining informational video that includes visual links to various products and services.
Another video marketing strategy is to place the informational video social web site like YouTube.

Email Marketing. Marketing by e-mail is a quick and cheap method that could launch your online business. E-mail marketing easily opens doors to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers on the Internet.

There are many people that subscribe to online newsletters delivered by email. Newsletters target people with specific interests. These can be educators, businessmen, medical practitioners, housewives, or any other like minded group you’re seeking to reach with your marketing.
With email marketing, you’re able to learn exactly what customers are interested by studying the links they click on in your newsletter. Autoresonders follow up with more information of interest and often result with a sale to your customer.

Article Marketing. Article marketing is a valuable method of getting traffic to your website. Article marketing is basically the process of writing articles and submitting them, along with links back to your website, to article directories on the internet.

Article marketing uses content that matches your products or services. This creates a natural interest for the reader to click on the link to visit your website. And one great feature is that it’s completely free marketing. There are dozens if not hundreds of article sites that you can submit to free.
Another article marketing strategy is offering the articles to be posted on the website of subject related but noncompeting websites. If you’re selling dog toys, you can offer an article to a dog training website with a link back to your site.


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